In 1942, the world was in the midst of a gargantuan war whose outcome would decide the futures of billions of people. Renowned mathematician Alan Turing needed to find a crack team of codebreakers who could help him decipher intercepted Axis messages in a top-secret facility in Bletchley Park.

The secrecy of the operation meant that recruits were sourced by unconventional means: a cryptic crossword was placed in a national newspaper, and the very fastest contestants to solve the puzzle correctly were rewarded with an invitation to join the team.

At GSA Capital, the inspiration we take from Alan Turing extends beyond just our code.

We would like to invite you to participate in GSA ULTRA 2019 - a puzzle that pits students against one another in a race to complete a crossword whose solutions are answers to mathematical and programming problems. A bespoke coding sandbox allows you to write and run your code within the website, and watch it fill in answers to the crossword in real time.

While the stakes are somewhat lower than they were back in Turing's days at Bletchley Park, there are some very appealing cash prizes on offer to the highest scorers:

1st PRIZE: £10,000
2nd PRIZE:  £5,000
3rd PRIZE:  £3,000
4th PRIZE:  £1,500
5th PRIZE:    £750

The competition will run from 09:00 BST on 1 August 2019 to 23:59 BST on 6 August 2019.
Registration is now closed